Task Paper and WriteRoom on sale at MacZot


Just wanted to post a notice that the combination of TaskPaper and WriteRoom are on sale for the combined cost of $25 via maczot.com.

Keep in mind that this hefty 55% discount is a today-only offer. MacZot has a Time Left counter that by my calculation has the offer ending at 10 pm (US) Pacific time on Friday 1/30/09. So you’ll need to move quickly.

I’d put in a strong recommendation for TaskPaper as simple but highly effective way to keep a to-do list, particularly if you’re like me and can’t seem to make yourself use more powerful but complex programs such as OmniFocus or even Things. Also, it works quite effectively as a basic outline program. Since the files are just text, it’s easy to import or cut-and-paste that outline into Scrivener. And if you tried 1.0 TaskPaper and found it dull looking, you might want to think again with the new 2.1 version. You can choose from various looks that are anything but dull.

I don’t use WriteRoom myself, since Scrivener’s Full Screen mode is modeled after its clutter-free environment. But if you find even Scrivener’s feature set too distracting when you want to ‘just write,’ you’ll love Write Room. And note that WriteRoom has an iPhone version that’s getting good reviews, winning 4.5 stars from MacWorld.

macworld.com/article/137182/ … phone.html

Of course, this offer doesn’t include the iPhone version, since you have to get that through the app store for $5.

–Mike Perry, Inkling Books, Seattle

Well, to the get the lineages straight, Scrivener’s full screen was inspired by Ulysses, arguably the folks that started the whole look and feel, and if anyone should be credited for the uncluttered look, it should be the Blue-tec guys. WriteRoom wasn’t even around yet when the early Scrivener betas hit the 'net.

jDarkRoom, but the way, is a nice free replacement for WriteRoom. Unless you really need rich text when you are doing the focussed writing thing, that is.