Taskpaper 3

I’ve used Taskpaper as an adjunct to the way I work with Scrivener for a few years now.

I thought Jesse had abandoned it (along with Folding Text - except for Atom) but apparently not:


Good news, I think.

I echo your approval - including your “I think” - Dr D. I just hope that Jesse sticks with it this time.

Very interesting indeed. I was a big fan of TaskPaper until it went into an abandoned state. Unfortunately this preview build doesn’t even run for me. I’ll certainly keep an eye on it though!

I was just about to swap to TaskPaper for task & project management when Jesse stepped away from iOS development. I stepped away from TaskPaper at that point.

I wonder if it will still sync with Taskmaster.

Will be watching with interest. Thanks for the heads up!

You can still use TP in OS X and Editorial in iOS. Files go seamlessly from one app/environment to the other. It doesn’t seem that TP3 add much to TP2, except for folding text, which is something you already get in Editorial

Beat me to it - I tried iOS Taskmator and the developer did try hard to make it work for me, but it never did. Instead I have a legacy TP on iOS that seems to work o.k. and a functioning TP2 on my Mac, but Editorial on an iPad mini is my main interface for that at the moment.

I didn’t know about Editorial (I only knew about Taskmator because of an old article I read somewhere about alternatives to TaskPaper on iOS).

My interest in TaskPaper is being revived…

Yeah, Editorial is great for TaskPaper and a mobile device (in my case the iPad Mini) seems the natural place for my task lists.

If I’m writing on my Linux laptop or even my Mac Mini, I typically use the iPad as an accessory screen for tasks, outlines, research and Apple Music.

TP3 has launched, and is stable and very actively developed again, with a new scripting infrastructure and a very active user community.

I had moved all my task management to omnifocus last year but have been using TP again as I’ve resurrected an old writing project in scrivener and have been sorting out notes, unfinished tasks, old drafts, etc. I’m using it completely differently than I used to, as a way to capture a ton of detail on a single project, rather than trying to use it to manage diverse projects concurrently (for which it seems less well suited…). So far this is working really well.

And the options and resources for working with TP files in Editorial are great.

You might want to try WorkFlowy if Taskpaper doesn’t work for you. I have it open when writing and jot notes in it as I go.

I have a licence for Taskpaper as part of a bundle, but had given up using it because I dislike the default font and there was no way of changing it in the preferences. But I’ve just discovered users can freely edit stylesheets so I’m happy now!

I started with Taskpaper 3, but after I discovered NotePlan in the AppStore (macOS and iOS, synching via iCloud of course), I never went back.
The formatting possibilities are similar or better, basically Markdown is supported. Which is great. Also great is the fact that you can have tasks in notes (like projects in TaskPaper) or assigned to calendar days. And it is possible to schedule tasks from notes to the calendar. In the calendar view of NotePlan you can then see both the appointments and the tasks assigned to a day.

I use Noteplan too and it is nice. You can also drag emails where your to dos are, which is handy. It does look like more of a daily planner to me than a real task manager. But then again, task management is basically an unsolvable riddle for me. Some people are pretty happy with certain solutions/apps, and I guess that means they found a system, an app, or a series of apps that work for them. I am always finding myself not completely happy with any solution. Perhaps I just have too many things (and of different nature) to deal with! :smiley:

I don’t think you can filter your tasks with Noteplan like Taskpaper does, though

marcoiac, it sounds as if you’re suffering from CRIMP, as defined here: http://www.outlinersoftware.com/topics/viewt/17/0/crimp-defined :slight_smile:

haha, not the full syndrome, not anymore at least, although I think not too long ago I definitely had the bug! now I just surrendered to chaos :smiley:

Have hou looked at the new Agenda app? It’s basically just a note taking app but the notes can be connected to dates and you can phrase them like to-do:s and tick them off. One of the guys behind it was the one who originally developed the Papers reference manager (Griekspoor, alias ’mekentosj’)

Looks very pretty. I obviously downloaded it :smiley: