Template as Text Expander

Is there a way to use templates as a sort of “text expander” within Scrivener?

I am using a template folder to craft my initial posts, but find that I want to paste the template repeatedly throughout a single document in my binder. I have tried the Keyboard Maestro/Text Expander route, but I want the solution to be pervasive across MacOS and iOS versions of Scrivener, so I’m looking for something that’s built in.

Thanks for your thoughts!

You can use document templates to create multiple documents with the same “base” text, then merge them together.


@kewms - so I would have indiviual posts, then when I compile I just include all the new ones and uncheck the old ones. Good idea; I’ll give that a shot. Thank you.

Yes, or you can use the Documents -> Merge command to combine them in the Editor. Depends on what you’re trying to do.


Another approach is to drag and drop “snippet” documents into the current editor, with the Option key held down. This will insert the text of that document at the drop point, rather than the typical link.

For this kind of thing, I use the text replacement tool supplied by Apple. As long as iCloud is enabled, the replacements automatically synchronise across devices and operating systems.

support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/m … h35735/mac

It doesn’t support formatting (bold etc), but individual words, sentences, or even multiple paragraphs all work well. Very useful for any boilerplate text, forms, Lorem ipsum, etc.

Nice! And no monthly fee! Thanks Login.

If you ever need a bit more than what Apple provides, Typinator is the tool I use, and they don’t charge a monthly fee for the pleasure. It can be used fairly simply, with the best and most immediate upgrade being application-specific replacements (and for those that want it, rich text). But it is also very powerful, capable of inserting dynamic information such as dates, whatever is on your clipboard, can transform text, and even has a simple method for creating forms that you can fill out, which can influence how the boilerplate is built.

Nice, thanks AmberV. I’ll give Typinator a spin. It looks promising.