Template Creation [with a custom default paragraph font]

Trying to create a template:

  1. Open Scrivener
  2. Create blank project
  3. Set up fonts: TNR 12 pts.
  4. Save as template–check styles box
  5. Close project
  6. Create blank project from new template
  7. Font change to TNR is missing, “old” font is there.

How do I make the font change persist in the template?

Tried without “Save styles into template” no effect.
Closed and restarted Scrivener, no effect.

Set the font and formatting in
Project / Project settings / Formatting

Check this option:

Then save the project as a template.
If you want pre-existing documents to adapt to that new formatting, convert them to default formatting before saving as a template. Else, if you have no documents (yet), you’re good.

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Thanks, this works. I’m going to have to print the manual again.

To avoid scattering your disk with thousands of empty RTF files that contain nothing more useful than “use TNR on nothing”, files left empty are automatically flushed from the project and not saved into templates either.

As @Vincent_Vincent posts above, this is the right way to create a template with a different font setting than the global default. What you were trying would only have theoretically changed one item anyway. The moment you inserted a new binder entry it would have gone back to the actual default.

Now if you do want document templates that set a particular font (useful for off-the-record notes in the Draft, for example), then just put a little starter text in the editor, apply your style to it, then leave it selected. This (a) creates an RTF files that gets saved and (B) when used, the text remains selected meaning you can just start typing right over it to delete the starter text.