From the FAQ: "I would like to create default labels, status lines, binder entries, et cetera, how do I do this?
"The best way is to create an empty Scrivener project, named for its intention, and then fill in all of the basic details that you typically use for that intention. For example, I have a Scrivener project called “novel.scrivâ€

I would suggest waiting until beta 4 before you start sharing templates. That’s all I’m saying. :slight_smile:

Ohhh, Keith, this is very mean. Teasing us like this. :slight_smile:

Swell. Now I have yet another semi-legitimate excuse for proscratinating.

I support the motion of sharing templates. Perhaps one of forum topics should be called “Templates,” and templates posted for sharing could be pinned. But, of course, after Beta 4.

Hi Amaru,

This might be a start:

literatureandlatte.com/forum … =3036#3036


It isn’t templates for outputting finished ideas that I’d find useful, but templates for inputting unfinished thinking–a set of prefab Lego-lock boxes for holding and organizing and understanding the inner-workings of our characters, plot-lines, scene-settings, time-lines, motivations, etc.

It’s supremely uninteresting to see how others format their submissions for printing. We all do it pretty much the same way if we want our scrivenings to make it out of the slush pile and onto a decision-maker’s desk.

But it’s extremely interesting to see how others structure their thinking, and thus their writing processes.

Hi Ahab,

Yes, wouldn’t we all like to get a look at JK Rowling’s private studio whiteboard and pegboard - or whatever she uses to craft her story weaving. I have been a university writing lecturer and attended a zillion craft seminars and conferences and the one thing writers always ask for and yet will not and never disclose are their trade secrets, their templates as you describe them here. I don’t even think three drops of VitaSerum would get them to disclose their secrets. These things come from a lifetime of engagement with the craft. It is called ‘paying your dues’. Most real, full time, fully committed writers figure it takes at least 12 years of total craft engagement to get to this stage.

Montage has a shot at this approach and of course applications such as Dramatica Pro and Power Structure make it their entire rationale.

However, you will find some excellent hints here:

literatureandlatte.com/forum … m.php?f=12

“The good lord sends the fishin’, but you must dig the bait.”


I’ve no interest in J. K. Rowling’s whiteboards, and I’ve already spent a lifetime learning my craft, or at least somewhere over 25 years of “total engagement.” And I can safely infer, from the biannual royalty statements my agent sends me, that I’ve paid my dues, and now my dues are paying me.

So I’m not interested in how other writers write; I’m interested in how other writers use Scrivener to help them write. I rather thought that’s why we were all here in this forum: to learn how to use a new tool.

Hi Ahab,

Keith and AmberV have dealt with the issue of data bases elsewhere in the last week. The idea of prefab Lego-lock boxes was addressed in terms of the binder:

literatureandlatte.com/forum … .php?t=605

And also:

literatureandlatte.com/forum … .php?t=625

First post:


Second post:

Ahh, yes I see now. I just inferred from your first post on this issue that you wanted a way of understanding the inner workings of your characters, plot lines, time lines, motivations and other craft skills such as how other writers structure their thinking and writing processes. Mea culpa! what you actually wanted to know was how to do these things using Scrivener. Well, I agree, that is a terrific concept. Keith an Amber dealt with this issue ages ago to the point that Keith added the Tips and Tricks thread to address the very idea you are suggesting.

There have been two things holding the Tips and Tricks thread back, firstly the difficulty of having to have an off-thread site from which to post a URL of a screengrab; and two, the preoccupation with evolving betas and the changes in any postings that would have been needed to address the changing form of the betas. However, it has served as a very useful post box for holding stuff that could be reworked into the final release documentation. AmberV has put together an encyclopaedic body of material - really worth reading!

It is possible to send email screengrabs of the way we use Scrivener along with explanations to trusted individuals and several of us have done that. I feel very confident now that we have all got really stuck into using beta 4 that your idea is probably just about perfectly timed for a revival of the original intention of the Tips and Tricks thread, which was pretty much exactly as you have stated.

literatureandlatte.com/forum … +lightning

Both AmberV and Keith moderate the Tips and Tricks thread, Ahab. Perhaps you could canvas the idea with them. It is certainly and idea due for a revival now that the form and function of Scrivener is pretty much finalised.

PS: EDIT - Go on Ahab. Keith loves you. Be the first:

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