Template for Children's Book/ Graphic Novel?

How about a template for visual works - Children’s books and Graphic Novels, for example - where the power and pacing of the developing manuscript is dependent on page count?

I’m not talking about a layout program. I’ll move on to InDesign when I’m ready for that…

But while writing, designing, and brainstorming I’d love a cork-board view option that allows me to keep the visual layout (pages and spreads)of my book in mind - dragging developing content/notes/scribbles around against a fixed structure.

Maybe it could be as simple as a background option that shows up under ‘freeform corkboard’ and allows the user to move index cards against a template. I’ll attach a crude example…

Fancy options might accommodate various page numbers (16, 32, 64, custom # pages) ratios (square pages, portrait, landscape), display or not show cover and end pages.

Export could be to a standard manuscript format - suitable for submission to publishers.

I would LOVE this. Can design my own bkgd images for freeform corkboard mode, but it would be amazing as an integrated and interactive feature.

Thanks for your consideration!

Karen Lewis

Update - I’m using variations on my own template backgrounds for different projects, and they’re working well:

20 page comic
32 page picture book

But when I switch between projects, I have to re-load the appropriate template from scrivener/projects/freeform background. It would be great to specify and save a background for a given project.