Template for Fantasy

Hey all.
I am looking for any templates that you may be using in your work. The few that the software comes with are extremely basic, and aren’t exactly fit for the fantasy genre.

I am fairly new in my writing, and I am looking for a paint-by-numbers approach in the beginning, before venturing out and breaking the mould.

I have made my own Hero’s Journey template, but the book I started plotting doesn’t have a father figure, or mentor type character in it. I was wondering if you may have something related that I could “steal”?

I am actually surprised there aren’t a host of these available considering the popularity of the software.

For the purposes of this post, I’m going to differentiate between a storytelling template and a formatting template.

A formatting template specifies fonts, header formatting, title page layout, line spacing, that sort of thing. Pretty much all of the materials supplied by Scrivener – both project templates and compile formats – fall into that category.

What you’re describing is more like a storytelling template. It lays out key plot points along the main character’s arc, whether that character is a Hero on a Journey or a romantic lead searching for True Love,

Scrivener doesn’t have any of those, but it’s not hard to create one.

*Find an existing storytelling template from any convenient source, in any convenient format. Let’s say you find a Hero’s Journey Word template.

  • Create a new Scrivener project from whichever formatting template you prefer. Make any formatting changes you like.

  • Import the existing template into it.

  • Create appropriate sections in the Draft folder. You can do this by splitting the imported template into chunks (Documents → Split), or just create new folders in the Binder. (If you split the imported template, you might want to duplicate it first – Documents → Duplicate – to preserve the original for reference.)

  • Use the File → Save As Template command to create a new project template.

  • Done.