Template for reflective writing

Any recommendations for a preferred Template to use for “reflective writing”. It may or may not be published, but certainly shared with other people

“Reflective writing” covers a pretty broad space, from daily journal entries to full-fledged memoirs. Could you give a little more detail about what you’re looking for?

Personally, I can’t offer much help since I use the Blank template for everything.

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Are you looking for general/personal reflective writing templates or for something that is required for professional development as part of your career progression? The two are very different.

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Note that there is no “wrong” starting point. Any template (or blank) should you choose, you won’t be “locked out” of anything ; as no matter what, everything can be tweaked into anything.

So it is only a matter of having an idea of what you more or less actually want. If you don’t, don’t let this hold you back ; start with, say, “novel with parts”, and tweak things as you go.

Else, describe what you want, and perhaps someone will find the time to build you a custom template. It doesn’t take long once you know your way around.

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My template for doing reflective writing: use composition mode with a dark background and text set at 300% or better. Sit in a dimmed or darkened room, with or without quiet music, and use dictation to write your thoughts onto the blank screen without concern for linear structure. Later revisit the writing and break it into subtopics and reorganize. Obviously this is not a “Scrivener Template” but it is what I have developed as the best “template” for using scrivener to do reflective writing.


Thank you all for acknowledging my question with your responses. I appreciate your taking the time. I decided to use APA Paper template, because I was looking for some structure but not much. I used another book writing template a few years ago when writing my book and it was very helpful. I’m writing notes about “my life and times now”, having recently sold my business and retired.