Template Placeholders not populating

On my title page, I have:
<$template_firstName> <$template_lastName>
<$template_city> <$template_state> <$template_ZIP>

After compiling, I still have the above codes.
The information on Options-> General->Author Information is filled out
If I use <$forename> <$surname>, the information from the Compile Overview dialog is inserted.

Do I have to enable the template placeholders somewhere?

Did you enter the information in File > General > Author information? Where did you think the data came from?

These $template_ placeholders are replaced at the time the project is created from a template, rather than during compile as most of the placeholders are. If you’re seeing them in the project now, the author information was probably not filled out in Options back when the project was created. It’s just static text at this point, so go ahead and replace it with the proper information directly in the title page (or, if you like, replace parts like the author and title with placeholders that will resolve during compile, pulling information from the project settings or Options).

Placeholders are detailed in the manual and also in Help ▸ List of All Placeholders....


Ooookay. I’m ultimately going to turn this into a template, and at that point, the placeholders will work as expected, and all will be right in the world.