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I would like some clarification. Using “Scripting template” and then Compile - which setting I have to use to get screenplay properly formatted acording to rules? “Original”?
In example screenplay e.g. page number is in right top and in Original settings is middle bottom, so it may make some confusion to new user to modify template or not?

Beyo, I think most of the scripting templates (if not all), have custom compile settings already set up the way they should be. If you want to apply these custom settings to another project, you can create a temporary project off of the desired format, open its compile pane, save the script settings, and then trash the temporary project. Now you can apply those to any of your projects. The reason we didn’t put all of the custom template compile settings into global presets is that would have made things awfully messy and in many cases (not so much with the scripting, but with others) the compile presets are fine tuned to work with a particular workflow documented within the template itself, and wouldn’t be immediately obvious to the new user if they tried to apply it to their own project.

I’ve made a note to discuss this briefly in the documentation, under the section on built-in presets.

All of that said, it might be a good idea to have a screenplay preset globally available, especially if there are significant commonalities (like where the page number goes) in use by a large number of formats in the industry. Any advice on that would be appreciated.

I wanted to say that if I open template for script there is “Sample Script” present in Research folder. Page number is right top as it should be AFAIK.
However when I do my stuff and invoke “Compile Menu” I see menu “Format As” and then…i can choose - Original, Proof Copy,Novel, Enumerated Outlines, Times 12pt and Custom.
There are predefined format that I can use in many of my projects regardless of template, do you want to say that template-specific preset is called “Custom”? :slight_smile: It confused me .

If I want to compile my screenplay to PDF format does it inherit paper size from Page Setup?
I know in US there is letter format, but Europe prefers A4. :slight_smile:

Right, but before you opened the drop-down, the “format as” should have been Custom. If you click the arrow next to that menu and investigate the options, you’ll find everything has been set up in accordance with that script format. For example, in the “Page Settings” option pane, the page number token is in the top-right header. To use A4, click the “Page Setup…” button and set it there. You could also just turn on the regular Page Setup settings, too. When using that, all margin and paper size settings will be taken from the project page setup, so the compile interface for setting that up will disable.

Thanks for clarification. I hope now it will be OK :slight_smile: