Templates disappeared

When I bough scriv. last year it came with a bunch of different templates that I could choose from when I started a new project. These templates have disappeared. Why and how can I fix it?


Close Scrivener just to be on the safe side. Download the DMG from the front page again, double-click on the downloaded file if it isn’t already opened for you, and then double-click on the extras installer. After you run that, you can eject the disk image and open Scrivener again. You don’t have to re-install Scrivener, so you can ignore everything except for the Extras.


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:


I have the same problem. However, when I download the .dmg, there is no extras to install. So what to do?

It’s not a registered version, I just downloaded it and is using the trial version. Yesterday, there was no problems and I created a project, but I moved the folder outside where it’s archived outside Documents. Don’t know if it’s related.

Hope you can help.

The “Extras” were part of the 1.x version; with 2.x there’s nothing additional you need to install, and all the templates that are packaged with the program appear in the new project window. Consequently I’m not entirely sure I understand the problem, so I’m hazarding a guess that when you open Scrivener it’s taking you straight to your project rather than presenting you with the new project window, as the default behavior is to open any projects that were open when you quit. Just choose File>New Project… to bring up the window to choose a new template and create a new project. You can also change the behavior of reopening projects under Scrivener>Preferences in the General tab–it’s the first option.

MimeticMouton, thank you for your reply.

The quick answer is that I’m an idiot. When I click on a template it opens the box that I saw as an “open” box. But I couldn’t find the template. It is, however, a “Save As” box to save the project.

Sorry for wasting your time. :blush: