Templates for Kids Chapter Books

Does anybody have / know of a template for writing kids’ chapter books. They’re elementary school age books (come before Middle Grade books). I’ve seen some for picture books but this should be slightly more advanced (5k words in a book).

Scrivener doesn’t handle the visual output / layout of a book so much as what you’d expect of a WYSIWYG text editor.
As a matter of fact, being a content development software before anything else, Scrivener is based on the concept of not having pages at all.

So, if by “template” you meant images/text disposition, preformatted pages and the likes, you will unfortunately not find what you are looking for in Scrivener based templates, as they rather refer to the structure of a book, and not so much to the way pages are rendered.

I think the third one in the list, “Bookemon”, is more like what you might want to use.

You can still very much use Scrivener to develop your book, drop images more or less where you want them – thus having all of your text and images in one place, ready for the final operation. But as far as the final layout of your book goes, you’ll have to use a dedicated software.

In what sense are you using the word “template?”

If you just want something to handle basic manuscript development and formatting, the “Fiction” templates and Compile Formats in Scrivener should work fine. Scrivener doesn’t care that the chapters are short.

If you want to assemble a complete package, including illustrations, you will probably want a page layout tool at some point.

If you’re looking for the kind of template that tells you how each chapter functions in the text --a juvenile beat sheet, say – you might want to look in general writing forums. That’s not something that Scrivener supplies. (Although you can certainly import templates that you find elsewhere.)