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I love Scrivener on my Mac, and I wanted to know if Scapple could help me in my tasks/ideas/etc, so I have installed and I am using Scapple Beta on my Windows to test and know more about this tool.

I have to say that it is very useful and I like very much.
Good work!

At the moment I haven’t found any bug or problem, and I will be using to give feedback If I find any problem, but I wanted to share with you a template that I have prepared under my needs that I hope that helps (you will find it in the attachments of this message).

As suggestion, I would like to have in the app (iOS and Windows), the option to select different templates when I want to create a new Scapple (the standard or default one, my own template, or others shared by the community).

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Template - Scapple.scap (6.5 KB)

Thanks for giving the beta a test! I’m moving this to the general discussion area for Scapple though, as we aren’t looking to add any new features at this point in the development cycle.

As for templates, I just keep a folder of .scap files that I use as starters. I open one, use File ▸ Save As... and go from there. It’s nothing fancy, but it works.

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Thanks for moving the conversation to the correct place and to give me feedback about your own flow to use templates.

It is helpful

It would be nice to have some general templates in Scapple for things like flowcharts, family tree maps, etc. I’m thinking of those similar to XMind templates in particular:

Logic Chart

Org Chart



Tree Chart