Templates in iOS

Just beginning to explore Scrivener for iOS, and don’t see the option to create a new document with a specific template. I use Scrivener for my day job writing ad copy, as well as for personal writing, and have an assortment of templates for the common jobs we do at work (different length emails, catalog copy, web content, etc.) that include all the formatting and word counts for the different job requests. Am I just overlooking something, or is that Project Template function not available from the iOS version?

As far as I know: no templates on the iOs, only on desktop. You can create a project from your template on desktop and sync with Dropbox.

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No, project templates are not a feature of iOS - they are desktop-only. You could always create a blank project of your templates, import that into iOS, and duplicate it for new projects if you really need to start such projects on iOS.

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Alas, for the way I use Scrivener most of the time (if only my personal writing could be “most of the time” rather than catch as catch can), that’s a major inconvenience, requiring wasting space in Dropbox and unnecessary housekeeping just to create a new file for a commonly used template (generally I’m creating between five and eight new projects each day from those various templates). Which would, I guess, make my feature request, for whenever a feature update is in the works for iOS, the addition of a Project Template function, possibly through the addition of a template folder in the Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener location, if not in the app on my iPad — even if it’s just a “Create New Project using XX as template” which would reduce the possibility of inadvertently overwriting a template file during the process of creating a new project.

Sorry, there are no plans to add project templates. It would require a whole UI to create them, and many of the things templates are useful for (template documents, custom Compile settings, front matter folders) aren’t features in iOS anyway. Any default templates would need to be completely different on both platforms, and it would require a lot of extra UI.

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Took my a couple of minutes to create a workaround.

I already manage a lot of my worldbuilding and character creations with Editorial which is linked to Dropbox. In a nut shell, it gives me markdown, Python and the ability to create my own custom UI. You don’t need to go to that extreme - I’m a nerd. I also like the separation of concerns, using Editorial as the master source for worldbuilding and Scrivener for novel-oriented world building.

When my character/location doc is ready, I just have import my generated character sheet into Scrivener, which seems to be converting the markdown on import to editable rich text. Very nice. If I wanted to I could convert the document to PDF and then Send it to Scrivener directly from Editorial.

Share sheets are your friend in iOS!