Templates in Scrivener?

No, I haven’t bought Scrivener. I came here on the recommendation of a friend who’s a writer.

I’d like to know if the latest version of Scrivener for Windows includes templates for writers who plan to write full-length novels, averaging 300-ish pages. For example a few templates with different styles of presentation for “Table of Contents”, another set of templates for “Acknowledgements”, “Dedication” and more importantly “Chapters” and “within each chapter”.

Hi, ex.machina, and welcome to the forum.

Scrivener comes bundled with several templates, including two of them targeted particularly to novel writing. You may download the trial version and see if they fit your needs.

I’ve not seen special styles for “Acknowledgements” or “Dedication”, since Scrivener does not have what other software call “Styles”, but certainly you can write acknowledgements, dedications, epigraphs, colophons and many other such pages, since Scrivener does not preclude you of that in any way.

Scrivener has a different approach to many things. Once you download the trial, you’re advised to go through the tutorial at least once in order to get an idea of most of them.

Hope this helps!