Templates on IOS and Mac

Hi There

I want to create character profile templates that i can add to any project as i go but i can’t work out how, especially if i create the project on IOS. The best i can manage is to copy and paste the profile from another document into a new sheet but it is really frustrating. The thing is that at least on the MAC version it looks like it is entirely possible. If you go to the project menu the first three options are ‘New Text’, ‘New Folder’ and ‘New from Template’ but i can’t work out how to get templates in there!

Any help would be most appreciated.

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It sounds like you might be looking for two different features here. You (a) want a document template but don’t know how to set them up in a project and (b) want to make it so all new projects have this template folder set up and any templates you create all ready to use.

For the first I would recommend taking a look at the Mac interactive tutorial from the Help menu (you can do this from iOS as well, and you’ll find instructions in its own tutorial) for tips on how to set these up in your project and then make use of them. On iOS there is no hint of the feature in the UI until you activate it. Once you do the + button becomes multi-purpose rather than just making new files.

For project templates, the tutorial doesn’t really go into it (and to be clear there is no such thing on iOS, so you’ll want to start a new project on the Mac and then copy it to the device), but it’s super easy: just make a sample blank project set up exactly how you’d like to start off, and then use the File/Save as Template… menu command. Now when you make a new project, you’ll see your starter project among the other choices in whatever category you chose. Read more in §6.10, Templates, starting at the bottom of page 48 of the user manual PDF.