Templates on Mac but not Laptop

I can’t work out how to get my custom Scrivener templates to appear over on my laptop - the instructions in the help facility seem to be written in geek or just plain don’t work.
Any advice on how to get them across without having to create them in Drop box and save separately which isn’t ideal as then they wouldn’t sync when I update them?

Far as I know, you’ll need to have a basic skill in moving files between the two machine, via memory stick, local network, Dropbox, or however you do it. Up to you.

As far as Scrivener is concerned, simplistically:

  • On one of the devices create a new template if not already created. Or work with a template that exists on that machine you wish to copy across.
  • When you create a new template the dialog screen reminds you that the template is stored in Scrivener’s Application Support Folder, which is ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener.
  • In that Application Support Folder see the subfolder “Project Templates”. Use Finder to navigate to this folder. A quick way is finder is to use the Menu: Go → Go to Folder → ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Project Templates.
  • Use you file move (mentioned at top) method to move the file onto your memory stick, across to the other machine via network, or into a Dropbox synced folder
  • on the other machine, take the received file from where ever it is, and with the Finder app, put the file into the same Scrivener Application Folder ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Project Templates*

The Scrivener Application Support file is outside Scrivener’s Project folder that you already, based on what you say, use Scrivener to sync. That’s why it’s not automatic.

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I would only add that on both platforms you can use the Scrivener ▸ Show Application Support Folder (or File menu on Windows) to easily open it, wherever it may be, as it may not always be in the standard storage areas thanks to Apple’s sandboxing restrictions.

If you want to sync that whole support folder, I would recommend excluding the ‘userlock.id’ file from your settings (i.e. use Selective Sync), as it is best for each machine to have its own ID. Otherwise it is okay to sync everything in here, and very useful to do so. Granted, most of the mainstream sync tools definitely do make syncing spot folders like this geeky, there is no way around that.

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