Templates & Snapshots


I had a couple of questions I was hoping someone could help me with.

  1. Is it possible to apply a template to a document already in progress? Basically, I’ve copied and pasted my text from another application into Scrivener, and I’d like to apply my template to it (fonts, colors, etc.).

  2. With snapshots, are these tied to a specific entry or to the document/ project as a whole? In other words, if I want to take an entry and put it in its own project, will the snapshots follow? I hope this makes sense.


Good news and bad news.

No, templates are basically just projects that have been saved in a special fashion, so there is no way to merge them with a current project. You could merge the content of a template by creating a new project with that template, and then using [b]File/Import/Scrivener Project[/b]. This does not import the meta-data fields, export settings, and so forth saved in the original project, though, you would just get the binder items. Another possibility, if you haven’t done much meta-data customisation with the project already in progress, is to go the other way. Create a new project via the template, and then import the work in progress into it.

I’m not sure what you mean by fonts and colours though, as these are application level preferences. They should apply to everything you work on, not just one or two projects.

Now for the good news: technically, snapshots are stored in a separate file from the document, but in practical usage that doesn’t matter. You can drag items between projects, and snapshots will tag along for the ride. In fact, just about everything does. So long as both projects have identically named meta-data label and status fields, even those will carry over.

Incidentally, using the import project feature will carry over snapshots as well. Import project is a bit like dragging every single Binder item from one project to another.


Thank you very much for the thorough reply. I’ll definitely make sure to rely on “Import Project” if I intend to move things around.