Windows 7 Home Premium
build .23

When I try to create a template based on a Project I’ve developed, I followed the instructions found in the User Manual. So, for example, the new template is called abc. When I try to create a New Project based on the template abc, all that is created is a blank template with none of the attributes I saved for the abc template.

Will Windows 1.0 be able to create new templates? Does this build, .23, create templates? If it does, am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help.

I unstalled all previous versions of Scrivener’s for Windows. My first download was with .19. I also deleted Scrivener files and folders located on my hard drive, then I downloaded and installed Scrivener’s .23.

I tried creating a fiction template of my own, and all it did was create a blank template. I tried creating a fiction template based upon one of the templates found in fiction, of which I modified to make a different template. Still created a blank template.

I read that this was fixed in build .23:

6. Templates now work as expected and no longer open to blank template. Fixed.

So, am I missing something or doing something wrong? Sure would like to create an original template.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.



Hi Paul,

No, it appears to be a bug; I just checked it on XP and got the same problem. The note about the fix for 023 was for standard templates–in 023 all templates loaded a blank project, not just user-created ones. But it appears this is still a problem for user-created templates. Thanks for pointing that out.

In the meantime, you can use Windows Explorer to duplicate your template project when it’s closed and then use the duplicate as a new project “created” from the template. It’s exactly the same thing, just a little more manual effort. So keep your template project around, and once this bug gets fixed you’ll be able to save it properly as a template and then create new projects with it via the startup menu.

Thanks mucho. Just knowing that the bug will be fixed in later builds is good enough for me, but I’ll try your advice for now on saving the template I created.

Love Scrivener. :smiley:


I was wondering if this had been fixed yet?