Terrified i lost my documents

Dear all,

After my mac needed a reset yesterday, i am terrified that i lost my documents. I have tried to re-install scrivener (found my Serial Number, but not my Serial Number Name that i need to reinstal).

  • Can anyone tell me where i could possibly find/retrrieve the Serial Number Name (i can’t find the original email anymore)
  • Can anyone tell me where Scrivener stores your documents? Are your documents irretrievably lost once you (i have been making backups in dropbox, yet some of these files seem to be empty now.)

Thank so much,

Scrivener saves your projects to wherever you decide when you create a project. You give it a name and you can see where it will be saved, which is the last used folder on your HD, unless you change it. Search in Finder for .scriv

What do you mean by “needed a reset”? What did you do?

hi Lunk, thanks for your reply. I have managed to find an old file on my computer. Weirdly enough a more recent version than the backups i made in dropbox. Anyway, I’m thrilled to have (most of) my document back. Thanks so much!

Dropbox is just folder on your computer, created by the Dropbox app which also monitors this folder and make sure that it is synced to the corresponding folder on the Dropbox server.
Backups, usually created every time you close your project from within Scrivener, are supposed to be older than your current active project.

In case you still need to recover your serial number, go here: scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … et-it-back