TeXShop typesetting tab blanks out when used

Since the last time I posting regarding my use of TexShop, everything had been working well … then bang! It all came to a sudden, complete stop.

I’ve spent the last day searching for clues for what may be going on, but there isn’t much on the subject.

I’m able to Compile for Plain text to a .tex file:

but then when I try to Typeset the .tex file:

all I get is a blank screen, no error message, nothing!

I’m stumped, and I don’t see a way out.

The little info that is out there mentions something about a few people having intermittent trouble typesetting LARGE documents (~800 pages), mine is ~600 pages …

So I tried to test a smaller project, e.g. the General Non-Fiction (LaTeX) project that comes with Scrivener, and voilà, it compiles and typesets beautifully, so perhaps it IS something to do with my large project size, but I’m stumped about how to diagnose this issue.

One last tidbit … an earlier version (from the day before) of my Scrivener files that compiled just fine then, won’t compile now!

Any help or thoughts about how to go about diagnosing the problem would be greatly appreciated as I am grounded for now.

I’m stumped!

Thanks for reading,

P.S. I’ve already downloaded and reinstalled the entire MacTeX.pkg package (I redownloaded all 4.7 GB) which includes TexShop, and I’ve reinstalled the Latest TeXShop, Version 4.69 separately a few times. The condition still persists.

Solved, for now …

It appears that the freezing may have had something to do with the arara LaTeX package that controls the typesetting process in my project right from the get-go.

Earlier today, the TeX Live (Update) Utility updated the arara package (the second time in three days), and immediately thereafter, I was able to typeset the Scrivener file.

Apparently, the prior version of the arara LaTeX package contained in the earlier TeX Live Utility update, had an error that halted the typesetting process, resulting in the blank typesetting screen sans any hint of an error for me to diagnose.

I have a tendency to update my LaTeX packages on a regular basis, but I didn’t make the connection to the prior arara package update as there are often several LaTeX packages that are updated at the same time.

LaTeX is weeks away from releasing their 2022 annual update, and there have been quite a few packages that have been updated recently, presumably for the new release, of which the arara package is just one.

Nice to have the TexShop typesetting back in action.

Thanks for reading,

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