"Text and Folder Separator" ignores lev 3 Folders

When compiling, the Text and Folder Separator ignores Level 3+ Folders:

In this case, Level 3 Scene Folders contain Level 4 Beat Texts.

I want a separator to appear before every new Scene.

As you can see from the output, this doesn’t work at the moment!

It looks from your compiled output that you’re not actually compiling anything in those Scene folders (there’s no title, prefix, text, synopsis, etc. that’s being compiled), so they don’t get a separator themselves. They are presumably set to be included in compile, however, so they’re causing the Empty Line separator before each text document following a folder. That’s the proper behaviour. If any text were compiled for those folders–for instance, if you check the “Title” box in their row in the Formatting tab of compile–then you’d see the custom # # # separator appear before that title and the empty line after it.

It would be awkward to have both separators appear when no text from the element is getting compiled, however, so in that case the compiler takes the item that does have text compiling, notes the document type before it in the contents, and inserts the proper separator. If an item has no text compiling, it doesn’t get a separator before it since there’s nothing to separate. Items marked to not be included in compile are ignored entirely, and don’t count for separators. In that case it would just be completely skipped and in your example you’d have a single return between all the beats.

Ah, interesting. It kind of makes sense. I think I can see a work around.