Text Background In Dark Mode Editor, Upgraded to

Just upgraded my Scrivener 3 to v. today. I’d been using 3.0 in Dark Mode for several weeks before this upgrade, though I’m still tweaking my settings here and there. After the upgrade, I opened my current project to find that my Dark Mode Editor window has suddenly applied a charcoal-grey background behind my white text. The text area is also bounded by a white dotted line. Does anyone know what this is and how I can turn it off? I don’t even know where to start looking! I’ve attached a screenshot for clarity.

Is it behind all text, or just that one line? Does it happen in new project? It looks a little like what would happen if you had selected the text and inserted a footnote. If you go to the comments and notes section of the Inspector is there a footnote there?

It’s behind all text, even text that pre-existed the update to It definitely happens in a new project (opened a test project just to check, and it even did that to the “Novel Format” document at the top of the binder), and there are no comments/footnotes in the Inspector. I still haven’t found a way to get rid of it.

I think you should probably try resetting your preferences:

And then the project display settings:

One of those two should fix the problem,

I should probably have noted I’m working in Windows. Unfortunately, none of the instructions in those articles apply to my version of Scrivener as a result, but you did give me a place to start looking. I still haven’t found a resolution, but thanks for the direction!

Sorry, the advice does generally apply to Windows too. There is a Close Project and Clear Interface Options in the File menu, and you can restore the default preferences in File>Options.

Aha! I did manage to restore the default preferences in the File > Options menu when you posted those two articles. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to make any difference at all. I also tried tinkering with the File > Options > Main Editor > Colors options, also to no result.

The “Close Project and Clear Interface Settings CTRL+Shift+F4” option does not actually appear in my File menu. I had to go to Help > Search Menus and then type in “Interface” to get it to show up at all, but then it’s greyed out. Using the keyboard shortcut also does nothing, I assume because the selection is simply not available. I’ll attach some screen shots to better illustrate what I’m seeing.

All of that said, I noted as I was cropping the Help Menu screen shot for posting that the document shown, which is brand new as of today, does not have that weird background behind the text. When I created that document today, I’d retooled the formatting even before I began typing into it, setting indents and line spacing, font and font size. When I finished doing that, I also set that formatting as default across all projects.

After discovering the new document hadn’t perpetuated the weird background, I clicked through my other documents, all older in the same project, Some had the background, and others had reverted to the normal appearance. Poking around in the menus to try to figure out what was different between them, I found that those documents with the bad background also had “Preserve Formatting” selected in the Format menu. Unchecking that box fixed every one of them. I can only extrapolate that the background’s appearance had something to do with the “Preserve Formatting” selection, although I cannot now reproduce the bad background by re-checking the “Preserve Formatting” option and then typing into the document.

I don’t recall ever making that selection myself, but I can’t rule out an accidental mis-click while fumbling through menus, or an accidental keyboard shortcut use (Win+Alt+/) as I do regularly use the Statistics keyboard shortcut (Win+Ctrl+Shift+S) and have on more than one occasion mashed wrong keys in the attempt–particularly while first learning to use it. Necessary admission of possible human error aside, I only noticed the bad background after the upgrade to (before I started typing or creating new documents after the update) and it had applied itself to every document in the project at the time (including the provided Template Sheets “Character Sketch” and “Setting Sketch”), as well as every new document and to other projects I hadn’t opened until after discovering the problem. I am sorry to say I honestly have absolutely no idea what fixed the apparent default to “Preserve Formatting”, but here we are.

Thank you very much for your help troubleshooting this issue, RobG!