Text becomes highlighted in black

I’ve just installed Scrivener for the first time. It is the NanoWrimo edition version 45. I’ve only been using it for about an hour now, and periodically the text in a given document will become partially highlighted in Black. To fix it I select the text and choose Highlight > Remove color. This resets the text, but then a few minutes later some other text becomes highlighted in black. I’m not sure what could be causing it, seems to be random, but I have noticed it happens sometimes when I paste text, but not always.

Ok, I think what happens is, I am copying&pasting from google docs into Scrivener. When I do that, then switch to another document, and then switch back again, the text I pastes is highlighted in Black. In contrast, when I copy&paste from notepad, that doesn’t happen… so I’m guessing there is some formatting that gets pasted from google docs that causes the highlighting. (fyi I am using google chrome on windows 7)

This happens to me in the same situation (i.e., pasting from google docs). I am using firefox and a trial version of Scrivener for windows 1.0.2

Sorry for not responding to this earlier. This is a known bug inasmuch as it’s popped up through the betas with text that is copied in from outside sources–Google seems to usually be the culprit–but unfortunately we’ve yet to identify the specific trigger in the code that’s producing this. Do you have a sample text that always pastes in this way which you could share?

Meanwhile you should be able to just select the text and use Remove Highlight to get it back to normal, or paste using Paste and Match Style (which will also strip other formatting, however, so if you’re trying to save italics and such this won’t be beneficial).

For me pasting from google docs document creates text that appears to be using a hyperlink formatting (blue, underlined).

I’ve tried the Paste & Match, and normal paste and can’t get a working result. I have to cleanse the text through pasting it first to notepad and then pasting to Scrivener. It’s a pain, but works.

I’m new to scrivener, having a way to quickly highlight a piece of text to hyperlink or apply hyperlink formatting would be handy.
also off topic feature request would be to be able to press the DELETE key on a selected binder element to send to trash rather than pressing the button on the toolbar

There is actually a very simple reason for why this happens, which I found on the internet. When you understand it can be easily rectified. Let me copy and paste the steps…