Text color toggle brings up a window needlessly

In version 3.0, shortcut-toggling “Color” (Ctrl+Shift+C) brings up a window asking me to select the color, every time, even when toggling off (removing the color). In 1.9, I could do the shortcut repeatedly without this pop-up, and this is also how shortcut-toggling “Highlight” (Ctrl+Shift+H) works in both 1.9 and 3.0, I find it odd that I have to select the color upon each toggling when I have already set the color and, if I want, I can change it from the format bar. I think the pop-up is unnecessary. Or is there a way to turn it off?

Black is a color and white is a color. There’s no such thing as turning color off.

I meant turning off the popup function (if it was optional, which I assume isn’t).

It’s not a toggle, because it’s always a color.