Text Color won't stay changed

Hi, I am having trouble changing text color in Scapple. I select the text, change it to blue, it will change, but once I click off, it will revert to black. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

Perhaps this is an OS version specific problem, as I don’t see anything odd about the behaviour using this checklist:

  1. Create a new blank board with ⌘N.
  2. Press ⌘↩ to make a new note, and type in “this is a test”.
  3. Press ⌥⌘I to open the Inspector. The note remains selected.
  4. Left click on the Text color control in the “Text Style” area of the inspector, and select the blue swatch, from the top row of five presets. The note turns blue, and remains selected.
  5. Click on the background to deselect the note. The not remains blue.