Text cursor looks like regular mouse cursor when typing

This is something that just started maybe a few days ago. When I’m typing, I’ve noticed that after a while, instead of showing the text cursor, the cursor will turn into the regular mouse cursor. I always work in full-screen mode with Scrivener, so if I disable and reenable full-screen mode, it will fix itself, then a few minutes later, go right back to doing the same thing. If I restart my MacBook, the issue goes away for a little bit, then comes right back. Any advice on how to fix this? It literally came out of nowhere and is driving me crazy.

Hi, and welcome.

I don’t have an answer I’m afraid, as I can’t remember ever using Scrivener (or any other app!) in full screen mode, so I’ve never encountered this, but it would help if you told us:

  • What MacBook and processor… Intel or Apple Silicon;
  • What version of MacOS you’re running;
  • What version of Scrivener you’re running;
  • Anything else you can think of that might be running at the same time which might cause it.


Hey and thanks for responding! To answer your questions:

  • MacBook Air M2 (Silicon)
  • Sonoma 14.5
  • Scrivener 3.3.6
  • I usually have native apps like mail, messages, Safari, dictionary running and Chrome too

I would do some core writing in TextEdit full screen for a while, with Format ▸ Wrap to Page turned on (this will force it to use the same text engine Scrivener does). You can copy and paste the results back into Scrivener when you’re done, and this will help isolate whether or not this is a global Mac bug or something Scrivener is causing. If it takes a while to see it, testing in other things like Mail probably won’t work.

It would surprise me if Scrivener can/is causing it, because the mouse pointer is handled by the system by and large. We can of course change it on purpose (like for example using the little arrow form around the edges of Scapple notes), but if we aren’t changing it on purpose, it should just be doing what the OS would naturally do.

After reading over your comment, I think you’re right about it being a Mac thing. Scrivener is the only app I use full screen, so naturally I thought it was a Scrivener problem, lol. I’ll try working in TextEdit like you suggested tho, and see I can replicate the issue. Thanks for your help!