Text disappears as more is added

I am using Mac Catalina 10.15.4

In my Document Window, new text is only visible for a limited number of lines, and then it disappears as if there is a window inside my Document Window.

The attachments show what is happening. The 2nd file shows the text beginning to disappear - If I add more lines I can’t see them.

– Kim

First off, please select Scrivener > Check for Updates to ensure you’re running the most recent version of Scrivener, 3.1.5. There were several fixes or workarounds for Catalina-related graphics issues in this release, so updating Scrivener may be all you need to do.

I checked before posting - I am running the latest version.

OK. I assume you’ve rebooted the computer too? Next then–is this occurring in all projects or only a specific one? E.g. if you create a new blank project and start typing in the editor, do you see this same behaviour?

Yes everything has been rebooted, and yes, it appears in all new files.

Do things change / work as you want if you press CONTROL COMMAND T?

Hello everyone - thank you for your help! The issue was happening in all of my Scrivener files - old and new. It has now resolved itself, after many reboots and a small Catalina update that appeared many days after the issue began. I didn’t have the chance to try the “ctrl+cmd+t” option but will keep it for next time :slight_smile: Thanks again everyone!

Glad to hear it’s been solved!