Text document icon

This is such a dumb question – & I apologise in advance, but I just can’t find the answer!

In my Binder, one of my Text documents has its top right corner folded. In every way I can find, it’s identical to its neighbours: title, synopsis, label, status, all the same. In Outliner, the Type column shows the same icon: a file with a folded corner. But that’s the only difference.

The Help menu has a really good explanation of the icons, but not of this one.

Would someone mind putting me out of my misery? :confused:


You’ve taken a Snapshot of that document. Go to Document > Snapshots > Show Snapshots to see the different versions you’ve saved.

Oh, cool! What a nifty feature. Might use that all the time now. ;p

Thank-you, thank-you.