Text editing by dragging not working correctly?


I’m not sure that this is a proper bug, but it’s unexpected behaviour and a big issue for me, since I often edit my text by double clicking words and dragging them to other places.

I just noticed that if I

  1. double click a word to select it,

  2. and drag it to a new position between two words,

  3. Scrivener b2 won’t add the extra space necessary; the moved word will just butt up to the end or the beginning of the adjacent word, depending on which is closer to where I drop it.

So, I have to position the cursor and manually add the missing space character. :open_mouth:

This is not how Word works and, perhaps more to the point, is not how Text Edit works. If I drag’n’drop a word/words in Text Edit, the extra space will be added automatically and correctly, without the need for extra editing.

Keith, please implement this expected behaviour in Scrivener! I’m on a G5 and 10.4.8.



How odd. I’ve just tested this in Textedit and Devonthink on my Intel running 10.4.8 and I get the same results. For some reason Scrivener doesn’t add the spaces.



??? I don’t see this behaviour in TextEdit at all. If I drag the word “too” and place it straight after the word “well” in the phrase “well then”, I end up with “welltoo then” - in TextEdit and in Scrivener. So I’m not really sure what you mean.

EDIT: Oh wait, I see it. For some reason, using the default Scrivener fonts in TextEdit seemed to break this - weird. Dunno why this isn’t working. I’ll look into it.

Respectfully, Keith, that depends on how you select the word in Text Edit.

If I drag over the word to select it, and then drag’n’drop, I get the same result as you.

But, if I double click the word to select it, as I stated in 1) in my initial post, and then drag it to a new place between two words, I do indeed get the correct space on either side of the dropped word.

Mellel works the same way: drag to select = butt up, double click = proper space added. Word (I just checked) differs by always adding spaces, regardless of selection method. But I just learnt from another post that MS implements its own OS features in the Mac environment.

Hope you can duplicate this by double clicking to select… :slight_smile:



I swear to god, Keith. I’m getting a different result. I used your phrase in both programs. In TextEdit, if i double click on “too” to select it – this hilites only the three letters without taking the space – and drag it next to “then” I get “well too then”. The identical move in Scrivener returns “well toothen”


EDIT: Guess you both beat me to it. As you were.

Spitfire’s observation is what I see, in TextEdit. Double-clicking handles everything intelligently (for phrases too, not just words), and drag selection is not intelligent.

I had actually noticed this in Scrivener, but had assumed that my notions on intelligent spacing were incorrect memories (I don’t drag text around that often).

Hmm, okay, this one is a tough one. It’s caused by Scrivener having to do it’s own copy and pasting internally in order to deal with copying annotations, etc…

This was somewhat complicated, but hopefully it is now fixed for beta 3…

If it were easy, anybody could’ve done it. :laughing:

Thank you, Keith! Dragging a word in beta 3 now works exactly as expected, adding correct spacing if first double-clicked, butt joining if selected by dragging. I feel at home…



You know, it is really nice to see a new post in the bug forum only to find that it is someone saying that I have fixed a bug rather than to report a new one. :slight_smile: