Text editing in right pane causes outliner expansion and Multiple Selection in left

Hi - When editing in a split pane, I’m getting an unwanted Outliner expansion in the opposite pane with the first character entered, followed by an unwanted Multiple Selection with the second character entered.

  1. I have an outliner view of the folder Future Blanks in the left pane, and I’m about to edit document 11202 in the right. OddMultiselect1.png
  2. I’ve entered the letter A in the editor pane for doc 11202. Future Blanks has expanded to show the subdocuments of its first member document, called ** Bookmarks **. Note the expanded documents are in reverse order to what they’d be if I’d expanded the subdocument deliberately. OddMultiselect2.png
  3. I’ve entered a second character, letter b, in the editor pane. Now the left pane shows the same expanded set of documents as Multiple Selection, though I haven’t selected anything. OddMultiselect3.png
    To get out of Multiple Selection, I can use the left pane navigation arrow to back out and proceed forward again to an unexpanded Future Blanks. But the outliner expansion and Multiple Selection will reoccur on the next two characters typed into the matching editor pane.

Just to assure, there is no AutoHotkey script running. Unfortunately I can’t reproduce the behavior on the Tutorial or on small test projects; it’s strictly a phenomenon of my production project. Still, the behavior is so specific, with two phases of expansion on two entered characters, that there surely has to be some obvious candidates for the rogue routine.

User tip: It’s helpful to have an easily-reached folder in Outliner View for use as a “shelf” when relocating documents within the Binder. That’s a secondary use of Future Blanks here.

Rgds - Jerome

Update: This phenomenon persisted in RC7 through every new run of Scrivener. But having written it up, I tried something new today: I turned off the Internal Log Console under Options > General > Warnings. The undesired outliner expansion ceased with the restart of Scrivener, and has not resumed even with the Internal Log reenabled. So the minor annoyance is gone for now.

Rgds - Jerome

If you can narrow the problem down to a specific subset of data in a copy of the project, where deleting everything outside of that demonstration area still causes it to persist, it might help to see it first-hand since, as you say, it seems to be an issue isolated to whatever is going on that one project.