Text Editor - Font drop down list doesn't work correctly after latest update


today I made the Scrivener update to version, now the drop down list for fonts in the text editor suddenly behaves weirdly, in most projects it opens and then immediately closes again without me doing anything. Sometimes (but rarely) it actually stays open, but most of the time it is impossbile to select a font from the list due to this.

OS Version is Windows 10 21H1, Build 19043.1288 with all the latest updates etc.

(btw: The font selector from the context menu works fine, it’s just the drop down list that’s going wonky…)

Maybe you can verify this and add to your bug list (or even know how to fix this?).

Thanks & Kind Regards,

This sounds a lot like this previously made report. If you have anything further to add to it, I would suggest doing so there. Thanks!