Text format/colour in (corkboard) cards


is there a possibility to change the colour for single words in the cards? Or to highlight them? If not, this would be thing for my wish list ;- )

Perhaps it that thing, I search for: “On the Mac, each inline annotation can have its own colour setting.”?

This isn’t currently possible on either platform because the synopses are plain text, appearing in multiple area of the interface. You can set the font and color for index cards generally, in the Appearance tab of Tools > Options… , but this will apply to all the text on all the cards. To emphasize specific text you could try using asterisks or all caps. Depending what specifically you’re trying to do with this, something like tagging the document with keywords might be appropriate, since these can be displayed as color chips on the index cards on the corkboard (as well as being visible in the inspector) or using the document notes field, which is rich text and thus supports colored text, highlights, bold and italic, etc.

Inline annotations are comments created within the text; they exist on Windows too (Format > Inline Annotation). On Windows the color is controlled in the Appearance options and thus all annotations have the same color. On the Mac, they can be colored individually the way regular text can be.

Thank you for the helpful comments. I do not know every function at all ;- )