Text glitch in Binder after viewing imported Scapple Board

  1. Recently I imported a Scapple Board to a Scrivener 3.0.1 project. I did this by saving the Scapple file to my desktop, then dragging it into Scrivener into my Research section.

  2. When I then click on a text file to return to writing/editing, the text in the Binder is much lighter than normal.

  3. This is resolved by closing Scrivener and re-opening. So long as I don’t click on the imported Scapple board, the text remains the same. Every time I click down on the Scapple board and return to a text file of the project, the text becomes lighter.

This isn’t a major issue, but it is puzzling behaviour. There’s no bold items in the Console.app, so I haven’t copied any of that here. I’ll attach before and after screenshots to show you the difference in text, between my normal setup and what it looks like after I’ve clicked on the imported Scapple board.

  • This is unrelated, but I tried to access the forums by clicking on Help > User Forums, and Help > Support, but both opened a new Chrome window that directed to Google.
    Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 6.01.34 pm.png


You said that the text in the binder was lighter than normal, but your screenshot seems to show text in the editor. Just to clarify, is it the text in the main editor that is getting lighter (I think it’s the main editor in your screenshot - or is it the notes area of the Inspector)?

Thanks and all the best,

Sorry Keith. Yes, editor. I don’t know why I typed binder! My brain is not switched on today…

Thanks. I didn’t see it at first because of the white background in my editor, but yes, I can reproduce this - very odd! I think the bug must be in Scapple’s Quick Look generator (the editor shows a Quick Look preview when you click on a Scapple file), given that other files that show a Quick Look preview in the editor (such as OmniOutliner files) don’t cause this problem. There must be something going on in Scapple’s QL generator that is leaving drawing in an odd state. However, a quick look through the code doesn’t reveal anything obvious - it just uses Apple’s recommendations for drawing the preview - so this is going to take a bit of investigation!

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