Text goes missing when I compile to a Word Document

I’ve been trying to compile a chapter of my PhD for formatting and printing. Every time I do it, there is a sentence that goes missing. So far I’ve tried:

  • Saving Scrivener file as a new file
  • Re-installing the latest update
  • Re-formatting the text in Scrivener
  • Restarting my PC
  • Trying on another PC
    But to no avail…

I ended up manually cutting and pasting to a Word file - manageable for one chapter, not so good for more than that.
I’m also concerned that it’s missing more than one sentence, but I just haven’t noticed.
Can anyone help???


It’s not really possible to guess without more details, but here are some things to try to see if you can narrow down what’s happening.

  1. Compiling the chapter to another format (RTF, plain text, pdf etc) to see if it’s just the Word conversion that’s the problem.

  2. Creating a new document in Scrivener and copying the entire text from the broken one, and then compiling.

  3. Turning on Show Invisibles to see if there are any odd control codes/paragraph marks?

  4. is it possible the sentence is actually an inline comment or footnote and you’ve got them excluded in the compilation dialogue settings?

Oh dear, oh dear, that’s the last time I get up at 4am to do some work. :blush:

I took your advice and compiled it to a PDF, and in doing so realised there was a whole section missing, not just a sentence. And that was because the text was in a folder…

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and sorry for wasting your time!!!

Hah! No problem – happens to the best of us… Glad you found the answer.