Text Goes 'Missing'

I’m having a big problem when I go into a specific section that sometimes entire chunks of text will be ‘missing’. What happens is that it is there, but almost works like it’s white text on white. When I delete from the end of the last line I can see, the next line comes back and I can hit enter to redo the carriage return. I then I have to keep doing this until all of my text is showing up again.

I’ve had a similar problem, but my text just seems to have vanished completely. It was there when I saved last night, and gone completely today. I lost about 2000 words from my already lacking NaNo project. Anyone have ideas on how to get them back?

Have been backing up the project? When this happened to me. I opened up a backup that contained the missing words and copied them over to the original project.

If you are saving your backups to a service like Dropbox, ensure that Dropbox has finished syncing with the backup or the data could become corrupted.

If you go into the Edit menu and select “Show invisibles,” your hidden text should be visible again. It’s a known issue and Lee and co. will be working on it in future releases.