text has disappeared from folder

I have a folder in my binder called “contacts.” It had about 600 (precious!) words in it last I looked. I haven’t closed out of Scrivener in days, and I saw the text in this folder, intact, yesterday. Now when I click on the folder, it has nothing in it. The “options” button shows that it has 621 words, 4056 characters (that is greyed-out though). What am I doing wrong? How do I retrieve my text? All my other files and folders seem unchanged. If I accidentally selected all and deleted (though I cannot imagine how I’d have done that) can I restore it? The "general meta-data’’ button says it was last modified a few days ago, and I have used it since then. Please help!

Is this in relation to the Mac or Windows version of Scrivener? I note you’ve posted this question twice, to different platform specific boards, and that your forum tag says Windows.

I’m not sure which “options” button you are referring to. There is Tools/Options... in the Windows version, but that doesn’t have anything to do with word counts. There is an “Options” tab in the project stats window, but that doesn’t print individual document counts, black or grey for that matter. The only thing I can think of that prints out grey statistics is the right-click contextual menu on Windows. What does the footer bar say for the editor, 621 words?

Thanks for your reply. I am using the Windows version but since many more people use the Mac and no one had replied on the Windows board, I posted here too in hopes that it was not Windows-specific. In answer to your question - and this seems like very bad news - there is nothing in the footer bar. The options menu I am referring to is an icon of a gear on the left side of the footer bar. You click on it and the menu to add, duplicate, rename, etc. pops up. At the bottom of that pop-up menu is a word and character count. By “greyed out” I mean that it is not black, so it seems in active. For example “group” and “ungroup” in the menu are also greyed-out, indicating that I can’t perform those tasks from here.

Notice: I’ve moved this back to the Windows forum. Most Mac users will not know how to answer Windows questions, and Jennifer has already started answering your other comment on the Windows forum. I would check her advice first, the outliner does indeed have a gear button on it in the footer that will show statistics, and an empty outliner can certainly superficially look like the text editor is empty (it’s actually just hidden).

---- If you aren’t in outliner, here are some things to try; and I would also skip to the bottom and check the advice on backups. That will apply whether you’re in outliner or not. Either way you’re going for days without backups. ----

Okay, that’s a little strange that the statistics would be showing up under that button. That should show up when you right-click on a text selection in the editor but not otherwise. Have you tried using Windows Explorer to search for a phrase in the file? It might come up with something like 23.rtf?

The first step to take (I would leave the project open for now) is to look in your backups. Check in the Backup tab of Tools/Options... and click the button that takes you to the backup folder. I recommend temporarily turning off automatic backups first, and then going through these zip files one by one. Just double-click to load the .zip file and drag the project folder out to the desktop. Load the project in Scrivener and see if it has the content. If it doesn’t, move on to the next .zip file.

If you find it, simply copy and paste the content from the backup project into the live version. Then switch automatic backups on again after you close the backup project. The reason for leaving it off is that the backups have the same name, and since they rotate out after five backups, if you start opening and closing backups you can end up accidentally rolling the one you want off of the list.

By the way, you should consider modifying your backup policy. If you tend to leave projects open for days on end, it’s better to have it generate a backup whenever you press Ctrl-S. Otherwise you can do days of work without backing up. I would also bump the number up to 10 or 15 if you have lots of drive space. No reason to be skimpy with backups.