Text in Draft

Ever seen something that truly takes your breath away?

I have a 3 page horizontal table of story archetypes that I use to refer to as a sort of easy to understand psychology check - is the character integrated, how will character A react with character B, what is the character likely to do in this situation? You can see how important it is to me. It is formatted as an RTf written in NISUS.

I just dropped it on my desktop (save as RTF). Then I boldly went where I had never been before and overwrote the .rtf suffix with .scriv. The file was named Archetypes.scriv. Then opened it with Nisus again.

I then opened a new project in Scrivener, then opened a new draft document and copied Archetypes.scriv (Command C) in Nisus. Then pasted it into the Scrivener Draft document I had just set up (which was Untitled) then renamed it to Archetypes.

Then it appeared as a single table (no longer three pages) so I could see the whole thing - and it is perfectly editable in Scrivener. WOW! Three horizontal pages of a table converted so easily into one editable Scrivener document.

I thought, this is good, and just to be sure I had a copy of this precious document I popped a pdf version of the three page version into RESEARCH. HEY! How good is that?

So the beta 1 version is definitely a Harry Potter (KB) creation.

What is the purpose of changing the file extension from RTF to scriv? It sounds like you were just copy and pasting from Nisus? I don’t have that program though, perhaps it does something different than I am used to.

Yes AmberV, you are correct. I was waxing lyrical.

The point I should have made (with a cooler head) was that Scrivener copied a table from another App and kept its format as a table. I tried both the .rtf and the .scriv suffix to see if it made any difference at all. I was experimenting and should have reported it as an experiment rather than a revelation.

You got to agree it’s pretty cool and really reassuring to know that Scrivener can be relied on to do so much. I find I just get more confident with it as each new function becomes a natural part of my writing day.


Love your contributions - really on the money!

You know you can make new tables too, right? It is at the bottom of the Text menu. It should be familiar if you’ve ever played with Cocoa’s table code before in TextEdit or something else.

And thank’ee kindly. :slight_smile: