Text jumbles

When pasting content from one window to another my text jumbles. In other words, the insert goes on top of whatever is already there instead of inserting. I can only repair the problem by hitting the space bar repeatedly until the jumbled text separates, which means I then have to get rid of all the spaces. I can avoid the problem only if I remember to make a big space before pasting the new material, but this is surely not right.

This sounds like a line-spacing issue with either the text you’re pasting into or the text on your clipboard. If you paste and then choose Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style, does that fix the problem? Are you pasting from a different part of Scrivener or another program?

It’s usually the same text in two different windows – ie, I keep a master version in the left window, then make a copy which I paste on the right. I do the editing on the right, paragraph by paragraph, then transfer to the master copy. That’s when the jumbling occurs.

Okay, so you mean you’re using the split editor in Scrivener, pasting between two documents in the project? There’s certainly nothing wrong with that generally, so it still sounds like a formatting issue. Did you try using the Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style command to restore the default formatting for the document?

Yes,it works. Many thanks.