Text layout in compile


I’m probably missing something very simple here, but I just don’t understand.
I want to compile, but since my publisher wants 1,5x spaces between lines, I wanted to convert that.
In the compile Layout section, the lower half of the screen shows text in the different levels (‘Lorem ipsum dolor’ etc.), but the options are all greyed-out here. So font, bold, italic, underlined, space, outline, all those options are unavailable.
As I said, it’s probably something simple, but how can I access the layout section of the Compile section?

You have to check ‘Override text and notes formatting’ in the upper left corner of the upper right part of the screen. This enables all those greyed-out options.

But now I seem to have lost my indentations at each paragraph, although I checked for ‘Yes’ when I was asked about this when changing the line spacing. How do I get my indentations back?

This felt very unintuitive, but you have to go to the level of text that you want to edit, then go to the spacing distance, then to ‘More’, and adjust the indent at ‘ First Line’ , (or something similar, I’m working with a Dutch version).
Glad I found this out.