Text Looks Weird

The text in Scrivener looks strange, like it isn’t rendering correctly. Certain letters look like they are being cut off, like lower case l, upper case I, lower case g… It’s displaying like this everywhere in the program, including menus, the left pane, right pane… Anyone else having this issue?

I’m not seeing the same thing with that font. If you go into Format>Paragraph>Line and Paragraph Spacing what are your settings there?

I’ve attached a screenshot. I didn’t change anything. Are these the right settings?

I also tried changing the text to Sitka in the board text and the binder and that looks fine. Reverting back to default yields the same result as before. Changing to Arial also looks fine. It looks like only certain fonts do not work well, including the default one.

I tried changing the font in my writing from Sitka to Segoe UI and at first it looked fine, but when I changed the text size it started rendering strangely again.

Even when changing to random fonts I’m noticing that some look fine and others don’t. Some look smooth and others look rough, like there is a problem with font rendering. I’m not having this problem anywhere else on my system.

Since this is for the beta version, you will have a better chance getting help in the Windows Beta forum. You should be able to send a PM to one of the moderators to move this thread to that forum.

Forgive my ignorance but how does one go about locating a moderator or admin and PMing them? I tried going to the members section and clicked KB, but there was no PM option. I looked at one of their posts and clicked the contact link in the user summary on the left but all it did was redirect me to the home page.

I’ve moved the topic.

I’ve tried the same font and settings and it looks fine. You may want to google "Windows font problems’ so you can rule out a more general issue.

It could also be worth making a list of a few of the problem fonts and then looking in C:\Windows\Fonts to see if there is anything in common between them. For example the file suffixes will tell you the type of font they are.

Everything looks fine here.

That said, I’ve had bother with fonts in other software over the years and some of that has been down to the “scale and layout” setting in Windows itself.

Right-click an empty part of your desktop and choose “Display Settings”. Scroll down a bit to “Scale and Layout”>>“Change the size of text, apps and other items”. It should be set to “100% (recommended)”. If it isn’t, then I’d try that. It may not even be that but it’s certainly caused me problems in the past.

(That’s on Windows 10 - I can’t remember if earlier Windows versions have that, or a similar setting).