Text not saving[ADDITIONAL INFO]

Yesterday I upgraded to 1.4, which went smoothly enough. I created a new project, and added a few folders and files. Wrote some text.

This morning, when I pulled up Scrivener again, my project was there, and my file structure, but a good chunk of the text was missing. I thought perhaps it was user error – did I forget to Save? :blush:

So I spent an hour or so re-creating my work, and made sure to Save it. Then, just out of a sense of paranoia, I copied my text to an external document, closed Scrivener, and launched it again.

All of today’s work is gone! Poof!

Just to be sure I wasn’t imagining things, I put my text back in, Saved it again, closed and re-launched… poof again!

Really creeped out by this one…

Each time you did this, was it in the same exact document with in the same project? Have you tried to make a NEW document inside the project and save it? Does it save ANYTHING?

By default Scrivener saves every 2 seconds. The only reason that your work is not being saved must be permissions issue.

Where is the data being saved?

What are the read/write attributes of the folder where your project is stored?

I received an email a while back from another beta tester with a similar issue; however, we discovered they were launching their project from a zip file and hence their work was not ever being saved - as this was a read only archive?