Text numbering issue Win vs Mac

I tried to search for this one but didn’t find anything, so if this is a Dup point me to the correction.

I’ve found an interesting issue between the Mac and the Windows version of the Scrivener.
In the Mac Version of I have existing text files named Scene-1, Scene-2, and I do a Split (CMD-K) half way through Scene-2, the new file will be call Scene-3.

But if I open the same project in the windows version and do another Split (CTL-K) the next text file will be name Scene-3-1, not Scene-4?

This only seem to happen in the windows version, even if I start with a Blank document, so it is not a cross platform issues.
I’ve looked in the Options menu and couldn’t find anything to set of change this behavior

Not a deal breaking issue, just an annoying issue, seeing I am going between Mac and Windows versions.

This was fixed a few versions ago. You can use Help > Check for Updates to download the latest version, 1.8, or download it directly from the website and install it manually (over your existing copy, if you like).

ARGH!!! :blush: (need a emoticon for banging one’s head on the table top)
I thought, I did the check for updates before I reported this!
Was running and now I running, bug is fix.

BUT I think I found a different bug.
Make a folder, put a Text file in it, with Scrivenings on, the Folder Selected type a few words, the hit Split (Ctl-K), and it will make two text additional Text, One empty and one with the Split content.

Also Tab Key does not move from the Binding Text file Title to the Text File Content. It acts like I pressed Down arrow and moved to the next item in the binder.

Thanks for info