Text Replacement

Hey Keith,
Now that Snow Leopard has introduced the idea of text replacement in applications that employ some level of word processing (mail, safari, textedit), is there any way it will be incorporated into Scrivener? One of the most important Word features I miss is the ability to store words I consistently misspell, and have the program fix them for me on the fly–allowing me to remain in the flow, without thinking about how I must learn to spell ‘privilege’ right the first time, dang it!

Thanks for all you do, cg

It’s definitely in 2.0, but the intention is also to release a 1.54 update in the next month or two with this ability, too - it just depends on when I get the time between all the 2.0 development.
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Boy, you are the most responsive programmer I’ve ever come across. Thanks so much for the prompt reply, and the future enhancements. I look forward to spending money on 2.0, and lord knows I don’t say that very often! Thanks, cg

No problem, and thanks for the kind words. :slight_smile: Have a great weekend!

This is excellent news (1.54 with this feature) I had been waiting for Snow Leopard chiefly for this (and a faster Finder etc) but was over my first burst of enthusiasm and gratification when I found that you can’t load in loads of pairs from a text file - unless you do this (db.tidbits.com/article/10567) and then found that Bean supported the new Snow Leopard but Scrivener didn’t.

I don’t for a moment, want the facility to load from an external text file for 1.54 but, would like it if at all possible for version 2. Then I could buy more than one copy of Scrivener and use it at my workplace which is a college. Scrivener’s features would be brilliant for academic writing but also for managing student assignments and tracking achievement etc

I can’t tell you the amount of time wasted and the tedium I have to get through daily making the same typing errors and correcting them with the contextual menu - all this would be gone…



Sorry, but this won’t be coming in 2.0 - 2.0 will use exactly the same text replacement methods as the rest of OS X, so you will have to do it the TidBits way. Anything else would require Scrivener to use its own auto-correction code, and 2.0’s development is already scheduled right up until May!

Thanks for the suggestion, though. I agree that it is a shame that Apple didn’t think to include this in the default setup.

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No worries and thanks for the prompt reply - it’s all down to Apple thinking and focussing on people just owning one mac and not working on multiple machines - maybe that is unusual and its not too difficult to do it through BBEdit.

Thanks again for your reply

No problem. Once 2.0 is finished and out the door I’ll have more time to look into refinements and workarounds for things like this, so you can always remind me then, too. It’s just that because it’s all done at the system level (like the text system’s styles) it’s almost impossible to override for one single application. Annoyingly, I had actually written some of my own auto-correction code and was going to use that for 2.0, and it would have been easier to add this sort of thing to that. But it makes no sense using my own system on Snow Leopard, partly because of potential conflicts, and partly because most users are more likely to want Scrivener to use the standard OS system into which they’ve already put all their corrections. Also, it might be worth logging an enhancement request with Apple about this, although I think the only way to do it is via bugreport.apple.com, which involves signing up for an ADC account (free). Maybe if enough people as them, they will add it.
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