Text scaling (Magnification on Zoom) and Comment font size in inspector

I have a MacBook 12" and a MacBook Pro 15". I’m 70 and need to set the text scaling to 175% or 150% to easily read the text in the main editor depending on which computer I’m on. My problem is reading comments, annotations, etc in the inspector. These do no scale. The font size can be changed but if I create a note on one computer, it will appear too large or too small on the other.

My WISH is to be able to control text scaling for all editable areas on each computer so I can read what I write. The problem seems to be that the font size in the UI areas such as Comments are absolute based on pixels and screen resolution instead of relative.

Less urgent but NICE would be to be able to adjust overall UI magnification easily. I realize that some elements such as font in the Binder can be changed but not everything can. An OVERALL magnification factor would be nice.

Right click on a comment or footnote in the Inspector and you’ll get a context menu with Zoom as an option. You can either choose a specific zoom or you can set it simply to replicate the Editor zoom level.

Screenshot 2019-07-12 22.30.50.png

You can also change the zoom of Notes: simply put the cursor in the Notes panel and use the normal zoom commands (cmd-shift-< or >).


Thank you. That is exactly what I wanted, except for the part where it seemed impossible to find how to do it.