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First of all I don’t know how to word this correctly, so let me know when I’m not clear enough. It’s also the reason that I haven’t really searched the forums, because I don’t know what to search for.

When I’m typing in Scrivener and come down to the bottom of the screen, it will scroll down just one line. So after writing a full screen, it will always write at the bottom of the screen which is pretty annoying.
My question is: is there a way to increase the ‘scroll-effect’ to ten lines or more for example? Or make the next line jump to the top of the screen?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, RoPea, and welcome to the forum!

You might try enabling Typewriter scrolling mode, which is toggled by Ctrl-G, Ctrl-T.

Have you gone through the Tutorial yet? It’ll really ease your learning curve!

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Thank you for the reply r6d2.

Typewriter mode is what I’m looking for, which works in full-screen mode, but I’m not writing in full-screen mode. I’ve split the screen, so I can look at my scribbles or research at the right and write at the left side of the screen.

And I went through some tutorials, one about comic scripts and using that tempate, and I looked at some YouTube videos. But I’ll go through them again and pay some more attention.

It works in both! Just use the Ctrl-G, Ctrl-T sequence.

(By the Tutorial I mean the one that you’ll find under Help| Interactive tutorial.)

From the main window, you can also toggle typewriter scrolling by clicking into the editor and then selecting Format > Options > Typewriter Scrolling. It works per editor, so one split could have this on and the other have it off.

Ah yes! Thank you r6d2 and MimeticMouton!
I’ve got it working now.

And I found the tutorial that you meant, which I haven’t done before (as you might have noticed), so I will do that as well.

Thanks again!