Text Selection on iPad?

Hi all,

I love Scrivener, but MAN…text selection on the ipad seems especially difficult.

Like more difficult than on other iOS apps.

I never know if I’m gonna select a word, a paragraph, three screens of text…and it just bounces around something awful.

Does anyone else experience this? And if so, do you have any tips to tame text selection?


I use the text selection tool, to the left above the virtual keyboard, together with the arrows and never experience any problem.

I recently started using a cheap stylus —the kind that costs a dollar or less, not the apple pencil — for occasional text selection and it’s notably improved my targeting. Sure wish iPad offered real external trackpad support.
Shouldn’t this discussion be on the Scrivener iOS board?

Scrivener uses Apple’s TextKit, so text selection is all Apple’s code. I’ve never experienced it being more awkward than in any other app.

(This was posted in the macOS forum, by the way, so I’m moving this to the iOS forum.)

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