Text separator set individually

I like the fact that we have the ability to set a separate text separator (such as new line, custom, etc.) but it would be really helpful if we could override that at the text or folder level. Sometimes I want to logically separate parts of text, even though they are still “connected.” They could be, for example, the beginning of a scene, and the ending of a scene. In this context, I don’t want those two texts separated using the default separator, but I want to override that with, let’s say “None.” So, my idea was to insert a function in Inspector marked with a checkbox called "Override Separator with: " and give options of: None, Return, Single Space, Double Space, Custom.

Hope it makes sense.

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There should be a way of doing this sort of thing in 2.0, as something similar was added to Scrivener 2.x for Mac recently. It works taking advantage of custom meta-data in the inspector. You can create tags in Compile that print out the custom meta-data. So, in this case, you would set a custom meta-data tag as the “Custom” separate in Compile. For documents where this custom meta-data was left blank, you would get no separator. For documents where you entered the custom meta-data, it would be inserted as a separator. In this way it harnesses an existing feature (custom meta-data) to achieve exactly this.

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