Text size in Binder and on Main Toolbar too small to see

How to do enlarge the Text in the Binder and on the Tool Bar, in Windows 11. It is so small I can’t read it properly. I have changed as much as I can in the Systems setup but it has no effect with Scrivener.

As @TriciaAE is a Windows-user, I’ve moved this into the Windows forum.


File > Options >Appearance then look at the general tab and the binder tab (fonts and ? click bold for folders)

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In the General tab there is also a global user interface font setting. That will increase the size of almost everything (that doesn’t have its own setting, like the Binder). As you mention using Windows settings, this might be more aligned with what you were thinking. I’m not sure what you mean by the tool bar, since none of those have any text. You might be referring to the menu bar, which would be impacted by this global font setting.

Just another possibility - I am also on win 11 but do not have trouble with size of the interface unless it is related to the screen resolution of my monitor (windows settings)

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Thank you everyone who took the time to respond.
I have applied the knowledge and no longer have the problem.
Thank you