Text statistics for entire manuscript

I am able to get Text Stats for a chapter (folder) but can’t seem to figure out how to get the stats for the entire ms at once. I’m able to get Project Stats but when I try to get the Text Stats, it’s ‘grayed out’ or it only gives info for one ‘folder/chapter’. Any advice? Thanks!

Text Statistics only analyses the contents of the current editor window or split. To get stats for more than one document at once (like all of the contents of a folder), use Edit Scrivenings in conjunction with.

Thanks for the response. When I tried Edit Scrivenings I get a ‘grayed out’ Text Statistics. So I obviously can’t use it.

My manuscript is set up so that each chapter is a folder, under 3 main folders: ACT I, ACT II, ACT III
Those folders are under ‘Manuscript’

so it’s like this:

—Title Page (page)
—ACT I (folder)
------Chapter 1 (folder)
------Chapter 2 (folder)
—ACT II (folder)
------Chapter 1 (folder)
------Chapter 2 (folder)

Am I setting my manuscript up wrong – or in a way that makes things more difficult for me? Any idea why I don’t have the ability to see Text Stats?

My apologies, one thing that needs to be done after creating an Edit Scrivenings session out of a folder is to put the cursor anywhere in the text editor.